Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a retreat?

A retreat is a deliberate withdrawal from the stresses and distractions of ordinary life. Retreat time is designed to empower individuals, couples or groups away from the noises, pressures, and hectic pace of everyday life and offer them the chance to relax, refresh themselves, reconnect with their truest priorities and refuel their soul.

Why do retreats?

There is nothing wrong with “go, go, go”…but if people don’t “stop, stop, stop”…they will “burn, burn, burn.” Retreats re-establish the necessary balance! It’s a time to push the “pause” button of life in order to regroup and renew so you can continue in strength and confidence. The retreat is not an escape from society – but rather – the retreat better equips you to return to society to serve in a conscious and purposeful way. In this intentional atmosphere, we let go, relax more, listen with more quality, deepen our relationships, and gain clarity on our life direction.

The value of Retreating …

Today, so many of us live a frantic pace in multiple arenas. We scramble from one responsibility to the other, worried, worn and weakened by the demands of daily living. In the midst of our busy-ness and struggle, we yearn for the quiet in the eye of the storm. With a thousand voices competing for our attention, we know we need inner peace, clear vision and meaningful goals. Yet it can be challenging to create moments when we can focus solely on these things. Many individuals, couples and business professionals are finding that one of the most effective methods of centering and re-focusing is the retreat experience. There are many styles of retreating, but each style intentionally carves-out time to rest and listen and be better equipped to return to your life more inspired.

Who are our guests?

Individuals, couples, meditation/prayer groups, office staff’s, men or women’s groups – who are consciously on a spiritual journey.

What kind of retreats do you offer?

Spiritual Renewal Retreats

Our spiritual renewal retreats are for individuals or couples seeking guidance, healing, rest or renewal. This retreat style offers guided meditation periods before each meal, spiritual mentoring sessions, opportunities for massage therapy, a spiritual library of inspirational materials, spiritual cinema and 80 acres of walking trails – plus incredible, healthy, wholesome meals. You could call this “quality down time” away from ones normal routine schedule – which gives clarity and creative energy for ones return to life.

Directed Retreats

Our directed-retreats include all of the above, but also have directed sessions centering on subjects that are poignant to ones spiritual path to learn, reflect, bond, and strengthen relationships. These are small group retreats that are led by a facilitator.

At the core of all spiritual retreats is the opportunity to focus on the divinity within our humanity and how those parts of our nature blend together in a holy harmony. Retreating creates “sanctuary time” to be freed from the pressures and noise of everyday life. We become aware of the peace and beauty of nature around us. Released from our to-do lists, we can simply be and experience the reality of divine love in “the deep hush of the whole soul”. In stillness, our souls are refreshed for the journey ahead.

We’re thinking of having a small group retreat. Is Timber Creek a good fit for my group?

The following questions will help you discern if Timber Creek is the right fit for your group.
Call or email if you have further questions. 816-619-3499 (or)

  • Does your retreat style and schedule resonate with Timber Creek’s mission?Timber Creek’s primary mission is to create a unique opportunity in today’s fast-paced world for guests to slow down, unplug, and reconnect to their true identity and purpose while surrounded by the beauty of nature.
  • Is there ample “down time” built into your schedule, so meetings, talks or lectures aren’t all consuming?
  • Would your group enjoy the daily meditations Timber Creek offers: (8am/11:45am/5:30pm)?
  • Our meditations use universal language and are expressed in a mindfulness and respect for all people & cultures.
  • If you can occupy a minimum of 5 guest rooms, Timber Creek can be exclusively for your group on a Weekend or Weeknight.
  • For day-retreats (8am to 3pm), Timber Creek can be exclusively for your group with a minimum of 10, max 20.
  • Please reserve 15 minutes at the beginning, so the directors (Tom & Beth) may welcome and give an orientation.Is your group willing to honor the space of other guests who are here for quiet time?Timber Creek has a maximum of SEVEN Guest Rooms available.
  • Timber Creek does not host family reunions or parties.

Are your facilities wheelchair accessible?

Yes. We have an elevator and one ADA compliant overnight room.

Do you provide bedding and towels?

Yes, luxurious bedding and bath linens are provided for your comfort.

What should I bring with me?

  • Walking (or running) shoes or boots.
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunblock

What not to bring:

For reasons of health and safety, please do not bring:

  • illegal drugs
  • firearms or fireworks
  • animals, except for seeing eye dogs
  • no hard liquor (wine is ok)

What is the policy on smoking?

Smoking is allowed outdoors but not inside the guesthouse. Please deposit cigarette butts in a safe area and never in the woods (especially during dry seasons).

Will your staff clean my room each day?

We offer no housekeeping services during your time here, unless requested. When your retreat is finished, we only ask you to strip your bed and bring your linens to the nearest laundry room. There is a laundry room on each floor. Thank you!

Do activities have to end at a certain time each day?

Since Timber Creek’s primary focus is a contemplative and reflective atmosphere, we ask that an honorable sense of quiet be maintained throughout the entire guesthouse following the evening meal. Please use ear phones if you listen to music, or while listening to any audio recordings. Please reserve the piano for special events only.

Can we cook our own meals and do we all eat together?

For health and liability reasons, we do not provide guests use of our kitchen to prepare their own food. Timber Creek’s staff will provide all meals and everyone joins together at a common table.

What if I want to skip a meal? Do I still have to pay full price?

Our rates are based on a per person price, so we don’t make deductions for missed meals.

Do we get to choose our own menu and do you honor dietary needs?

Yes, you can dialogue with the kitchen chef if you have dietary needs such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant, etc. We do not offer menu selections for the meals.

Do you provide internet access?

Yes, Timber Creek is equipped with wireless internet (Wi-Fi) at no cost.

What about safety?

We have safe areas in the lower level of the guesthouse for protection in the event of fire or tornado. Possible natural hazards include poison ivy, ticks, and spiders.

How are emergencies handled?

Emergencies, including injury and severe illness, should be immediately reported to a Timber Creek staff member. Emergency response to 911 calls can arrive within 20 minutes or less.

To minimize risks:

Wear closed-toe shoes and socks on the walking paths. When hiking through the woods during late Spring or Summer, stay on the trails, and wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, hats, and insect repellent.

What are your deadlines for payment?

We’ll acquire your credit card information once you make a reservation. Your card holds (or secures) your room. We will not charge your card until your departure – except in the case of a cancellation.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your card will be charged 50% of your full reservation fee if you cancel less than 5 days before your arrival date. Your card will be charged 100% of your full reservation fee in the event of a no-show.