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Tom and Beth Jacobs

Tom and Beth Jacobs

People often ask us, “Why did you create Timber Creek and what led you to this idea?”

From early on, “retreating” has been a vital part of our own spiritual evolution and growth.  We have experienced for ourselves the renewal that comes from taking time apart from our regular routine and spending that time in quiet reflection.  Doing so, gave us energy, insight and new creative ways to live our lives.

Timber Creek Retreat House & Wellness Center

Timber Creek Retreat House

Over the years, we have also observed the high stress and overwhelming fatigue that people feel due to the pace of everyday life.  It was our desire and our dream to create a space where people could embrace a healing balm and a healthy balance for their body, mind and spirit.

We carefully located a place in nature, away from city noise and schedule demands where people could truly let go of their “to do list” and just “be”.  We also believe in providing a variety of spiritual practices that people can integrate into their daily lives to better equip them to be a beneficial presence in the world.

Due to the ongoing generosity of many people, Timber Creek Retreat House is now a touchable reality.  Our story now has a door you can walk through to experience this sacred quiet place, wrapped in nature, where individuals and couples can slow down, rest deeply, and reconnect to their true nature and purpose in life.